Full-Service Travel Planning
for Foodies Hungry for Adventure

Truffle hunts through Tuscan countryside. Night market tours along the riverbanks of Thailand. Macaron classes in Paris. Pig roasts in French Polynesia.

“Culinary travel” encompasses so much—and it’s so much more than snagging a reservation at a fine-dining restaurant.

If you’re not sure where to start or what to include on your gourmet escape, I’m here to help. 

Here’s my recipe for culinary travel that absolutely hits the spot:

A Pinch of Personalization

This isn’t just any gourmet adventure—it’s your gourmet adventure! As your personal travel advisor, I’ll listen to your specific desires and dreams to make sure your custom itinerary contains all the ingredients to make you salivate.

A Dash of Exclusive Access

The secret ingredient to a truly satisfying culinary escape? Connections. I’ll use my exclusive travel industry connections to pair you with the BEST properties, tours, guides, and more. Safe, vetted, and always delicious—you can count on all three on your vacation.

A Sprinkle of Seamless Planning

I’ll take the lead on every aspect of your travel planning, from researching your options to booking all your travel. And, thanks to my own extensive travel experience, I’m often able to give you my personal recommendations on where to dine, which markets to explore, and much more.

So, What’s on the Menu?

Here’s just a sampling of what we can cook up together:

  • Custom, private culinary itineraries
  • Small-group escorted tours
  • Wine- or culinary-themed river cruises
  • Gourmet small-ship ocean cruises
  • Family getaways
  • Romantic just-for-two trips
  • Solo adventures
  • Multigenerational group family vacations

The GGA Signature Planning Process


Let’s first chat on your complimentary consultation call, so I can learn more about the culinary escape you’re hungry for. I’ll also share more about my process and plan-to-go deposit (which will be applied to the cost of your trip!).


Think we go together like two tasty peas in a pod? Then I’ll get to work on crafting your vacation! You’ll receive 2-3 itinerary proposals to review, and then I’ll finesse the one you love most until it’s a perfect fit.


Next, I’ll book all your travel arrangements for you. This may include:

  • Flights
  • Hotel or cruise cabin
  • Small group or private tours
  • Cooking classes & activities
  • … and more!

Jet Off!

You’ll make your delicious escape, armed with all the travel documents and info you need for a smooth trip. If you encounter any hiccups, simply reach out to me or your in-country contact for support. When you return, I’ll connect to make sure your trip was a success—and so we can start planning the next one!

If you’ve worked up an appetite for culinary travel crafted just for you—then let’s start planning!

Click below to schedule your complimentary consultation call with me.